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Processing before the order tracking number is not sent 

When the product processing work is completed, we will send the product to the transportation company, the transportation will receive our parcels for picking, scanning, posting waybills, etc., after the completion of these tasks, they will send the tracking number to us, we will receive the tracking order to send you the shipping bill number and query the bill number, you can query the order by yourself the latest You can check the latest transportation status of your order by yourself.

Shipping company's tracking link








How to track my order?

Once the package is out of the warehouse, we will send you a tracking number via the contact information you provided (Email or SMS). The tracking number allows you to check the latest status of your package.

Use the tracking number and order link we provide to check the order dynamics information.

NOTE: If we use other couriers to deliver your package, we will send you an email with the tracking order and query link

Please note that the tracking number must match the shipping service company.

If you still cannot track your order, please contact customer service for support.


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