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Amalian Sputnik Chandelier

Amali-149-W24" x H16"-001
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W24" x H16"
W32" x H20"
W40" x H24"
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Let the Amalfi Sputnik Chandelier take center stage. A showstopping piece, this pendant speaks to the sophisticate in you. Hang the Amalfi Sputnik Chandelier in the entryway or above a dining table, and prepare to be embraced by sophistication? both in form and function. All-around a perfect addition to any room.

Material: Stainless Steel, Acrylic

Light Source: E12 Base LED Bulbs (Included)

Chandelier Size M: W24" x H16"

Chandelier Size L: W32" x H20"

Chandelier Size XL: W40" x H24"

Hanging Rod Height: 24"

Dimmable: Yes

Finish: Electroplated, Polished

Voltage: 110-240V

Warranty: 2 Years

Installation Type: Pendant Mount

Application: Dining Room, Kitchen Island, Bedroom, Foyer, Hotel, Living Room, Retail

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From the customer

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