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Mondrian Glass Ceiling Light L 47.2″

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Mondr-2675-L 47.2″ x W 13.8″ x H 19.7″ / L 120cm x -Copper-003
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L 47.2″ x W 13.8″ x H 19.7″ / L 120cm x W 35cm x H 50cm
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Product Overview

  • Bulbs: included
  • Instructions: Detailed
  • Dusting equipment: Soft, dry cloth and glove
  • Applicable conditions: Wet and dry
  • Whether to accept custom: Yes
  • Applicable ceiling types: flat, sloped
  • Hanging cords or rods are adjustable
  • The color temperature is adjustable

Why You'll Love It

The Mondrian Glass Ceiling Light L 47.2″ renowned Dutch Cubist artist Piet Mondrian is celebrated for his art, characterized by simplified shapes, lines, and a palette reduced to fundamental basics, ultimately transcending references to the external world and achieving pure abstraction. It is only fitting that the Venice Mondrian collection bears his name, featuring an elegant geometry and rectangular form inspired by his work.

The Mondrian Glass chandelier showcases five exquisite mouth-blown Murano glass spheres available in white, amethyst, or smoke-grey, while the metal structure can be customized with a variety of metallic finishes to suit your preferences. For those who appreciate a more minimalist approach reminiscent of Cubism, the LED version integrates the light source into the frame, further simplifying the striking form of this remarkable chandelier.

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