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Groul Brushed Brass Linear Chandelier for Dining Room

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A chandelier like no other is what you'll find with the Nera Brushed Brass Dining Room Chandelier. The kitchen chandelier is truly mesmerizing with its design that features one light source at its center that emits light to outer edges with the help of the light's reflection. It will give any interior the perfect touch of glam by giving it a subtly classy look, yet bold enough to be the piece that everyone will notice right off the bat.

Type: Ceiling Chandelier

Material: Stainless Steel,Brass

Light Source: LED Strip

Dimmable: Stepless Dimming

Hanging Height: Up To 47" (Adjustable)

Length: 47"

Finish: Brushed, Electroplated

Voltage: 110-240V

Warranty: 2 Years

 Please feel free to contact us by email when you have any questions.

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From the customer

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